GSoC weekly report – week 0

This is my first post after being selected for GSoC this year, been really really occupied with stuffs so far. So I’ll just quickly list down the things that I’ve done so far and things I am planning to do next.

We have designed the framework for implementing the log-determinant project. The background of this project can be found here (I’m really happy to see my name listed there :) thanks to Heiko! :) ).  For this project, we need to work with complex numbers, which was not supported by Shogun yet. The first task was to incorporate std::complex<T> with shogun and that required

  • adding the datatype as a primitive type
  • checking switch over all ptypes
  • adding support for the template classes that will use this
  • adding support for the parameter framework
  • and finally check serialization with this.

I added a new type for std::complex<double> as complex64_t and all required support.

We also needed Jacobi elliptic functions that we will be needing for the rational appromixation of the matrix logarithm. This part is also completed.

The next step was to come up with the basic structure of the framework. So far, the class diagram looks like the following –


Not all the classes are shown, and a few mistakes are there (please pardon me). I’m going to implement the base classes one by one, and for the sake of simplicity, we’ll start with a direct computation of matrix log (thanks to Eigen3) instead of approximation. So my main focus for this week would be to code up basic stuffs, focus on the framework development rather than numerical issues, fixing errors+unit-test+documentation+leak-check all the newly added classes thoroughly. Once the basic framework seems promising, the rest of the stuffs can be added iteratively one by one.

See you next weeek! Adios!

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