Adding complex data type for shogun

Related files – under shogun/lib/

  • common.h
  • DataType.h
  • DataType.cpp

first thing – add typedef std::complex<float64_t> complex64_t, then the new SG primitive type.

Todo list:

  • serialization
  • modular typemaps
  • check all switch over ptype
We have this shogun type object, TSGDataType, contains primitive type, container type(vector,matrix), struct type (string,sparse).  TSGDataType is used by shogun parameter framework to represent things, for example for serialization, model-selection, equals method. one has to register parameters with the SG_ADD macro which calls m_parameters->add of the current object. In there, we need new methods for complex, should be a few, in the same style as the existing ones. Then we have to check serialization, which writes types to files. Then modular maps which map the type the the type of the language (eg python complex).

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