Hello world!

The title seems kinda apt so I am gonna use it shamelessly. Anyway, functional programming is one of the paradigms that most of the programmers don’t get much chances to have an exposure of . Most of us start learning programming in C or C++ or Java, which is pretty different from what functional programmers try to achieve. I happened to do a coursework on functional programming during my masters in IIT Bombay, CS613, instructed by Prof. Amitabha Sanyal, and happened to  catch a glimpse of it. He used Haskell for the purpose and I think its an excellent choice to teach this course.

It’s been a year I am out of touch and I am full of guilt and regret for not giving more time for it. Coding in Haskell can be so fun and at the same time horrifying, I even can’t begin to explain. I guess there were some parts I didn’t get quite well during the course, specially the Monads and a few portions of Lambda calculus.  So, before I jump into that complicated stuffs, I’d be brushing up a bit of the basics. Here is what I am gonna do. I’d be studying Learn You A Haskell (LYAH – available online – best place to start with Haskell) and keep posting interesting problems that we were given in assignments and exams. I’ll also be posting interesting blogs/problem sites and discuss the approach. One is Learn Me A Haskell.

Then I am planning to get started with Real World Haskell, another great book (also available online). But that seems pretty far ahead. The ultimate cracking would be to get involved with the Haskell open source project, and actually write some real code that matters.

I’ll keep you updated. Happy Learning.

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